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Empire House interior view

Building for the commercial sector

RIVA are making Commercial success a reality. Our focused construction service enables us to deliver stunning schemes that include cutting-edge retail and office spaces in London to family friendly hotels on the south coast.

Commercial Services

  • Conservation Works

  • Listed Buildings 

  • Retail Installations

  • Parking Schemes

  • Residential Schemes

  • Commercial Spaces

  • Industrial Developments

Roslin Hotel bedroom

Our flexible and responsive approach enables us to support you with projects of all sizes from modestly sized refurbishments to significantly larger constructions. It’s a fully managed service that can deliver a complete solution from foundations up to installing the last light bulb, so you can concentrate on getting the business in operation.

We understand the extra layer of complexity that comes from working within the commercial sector with challenges that include unmovable deadlines, fixed budgets, complicated site access and possibly keeping your clients business in operation while building works are in progress. In a fast-moving and ever changing business environment time-is-money, and we have the capability and knowledge to plan and react hitting the completion dates set out at the start of the project.  

Modern building exterior

We believe a strong professional relationship is key to achieving the best result, so we will work closely with you and other professionals to ensure a coordinated, controlled and efficient approach that delivers your building design on time.

When it comes to commercial developments RIVA has the technical know-how, capability and expertise to create your vision, and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your next project in complete confidence. 

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