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View over London rooftops

Recognised as The experts - by the experts

Our client list includes individual property owners with an eye for the discerning, award winning architects with an obsession for detail and commercial organisations who’s focus is on quality and cost. We have a reputation for exceeding all of their expectations. Testament to this is the long-term relationships that we have with a number of our customers.

One example is our relationship with the international REGIS GROUP for whom RIVA have been a UK main contractor since 2004. During this time we have assisted them with a wide range of commercial projects, but their confidence and trust in the service that we have provided has extended from commercial work to residential projects and we have been contract by the business owners’ to develop various private properties. 

It’s just one of many working relationships that we are extremely proud of and we always aim to develop positive working relationships built on trust that exceed the highest aspirations for all of our customers.

Empire House, London - A Preservation success 

The work undertaken at Empire House was more than simply a complete refurbishment. It was a sensitive reconstruction of the original architects vision with a modernisation programme that has given new purpose to one of Whitechapel's most recognisable historic buildings. The project retained the original character of the Art Deco period but takes advantage of modern technologies and materials to provide a working space that is suitable for the future. Now occupied as one of the towns most desirable work spaces it boasts a contemporary layout and style combined with sympathetically renovated fixtures and features. Careful management of the project was essential from start to finish for both the building process and to meet our environmental obligations. Upon completion it was assessed for its negative effects on the environment and was proudly awarded an 'Very Good' BREEAM accreditation.

Wide ranging expertise 

From the foundations up RIVA provide a one-stop-shop building solution. Our expertise enables us to offer an uncompromised level of service from the main structure to the finest architectural details. The above portfolio show just a few examples of projects that have been completed for both residential and commercial clients.

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